Tips to Last Longer in Bed

Here are some random tips to last longer in bed. This list includes long-term sustainable treatments for premature ejaculation but also quick tips that you can use now to last longer as soon as tonight.

Keep Calm and Last Longer

Keep Calm and Last Longer in Bed Sign

Chill out! Really, stress and anxiety are risk factors of premature ejaculation. I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s probably the best tip to last longer in bed. Anxiety and stress have a malicious relationship with premature ejaculation. The more you cum too fast, the more you stress, the more you stress, the quicker you ejaculate. If you are a victim of this vicious circle, take a look at the stress and premature ejaculation page.

The First One is Never the Best

Refractory Period tip to last longer in bed

Don’t fall asleep after the first time. The second round it’s where the fun start!

Unlike women, men can’t have unlimited sex. After an ejaculation, it’s hard to get hard (bad pun intended).  That’s the fault of the refractory period (click here if you’re wondering What is the Refractory Period). Even if it’s harder to get an erection during the refractory period, if you achieve to get one, you’ll notice that you have a better control over your ejaculation. Playing with the refractory period is one of the main self-taught technique of PE management. You can have more information on our Refractory Period and Premature Ejaculation. However, be aware that refractory period increase with age, so this technique could be age-dependent.

Urination Rimes with Ejaculation

For some men, the urge to urinate could provoke an urge to ejaculate. Ejaculation is a complex reflex that happens to share some of its mechanism with urination. For example, PC muscles play an essential part in both activities. Also, if your bladder is full, it can apply some pressure on your prostate. The prostate, or more specifically the is where the sperm is stored just before ejaculation. The bladder pressure can trigger the expulsion phase sooner that it should be. So, if you think things might get serious, don’t be caught with an urge to pee.

Those Muscles That You Don’t Know

PC Muscles and Premature Ejaculation

PC Muscles play a big role in the ejaculation reflex

Speaking of PC Muscles, learning how to relax them is an old trick that you’ll learn in some sex therapies for premature ejaculation. Not sure what PC muscles are? Want to learn yourself how it could help you to last longer in bed? Take a look at our PC muscles and Premature Ejaculation blog post.

Blame my Penis

Best Premature Ejaculation Products

Delay Cream and Spray can help you overcome PE

Well, maybe it’s your penis fault. Penile hypersensitivity is one of the suspected cause of rapid ejaculation. Some good products could help you last longer and safely reduce your penis sensitivity. Available in different formats (condoms, spray, cream or gel) they are one the quickest and most efficient way to last longer.

Knowledge is (Sexual) Power

Arousal control tips to last longer in bed

The arousal threshold concept is what you need to learn to last longer in bed

If you want to gain better control of your ejaculation, you need to gain better control of your arousal. To gain better arousal control, you need to understand how arousal works and to do so; you need to read this page.

No Pain No Pleasure, No Gain.

PE exxercises and tips to last longer in bed

You can do some exercises (alone or with your partner) to help you to last longer in bed

It all comes down to training. Sex is a skill and just like any skills, learning need practice. There’s even a name to the practice or training to last longer: edging. So take up a training unit and start to learn some exercises! Behavioral therapy is one of the first treatment that has been developed for Premature Ejaculation and you can do it yourself at home. And unlike any fitness, this training program is really pleasurable! There is even an online therapy program that could help you.

Real Men Know When to Get Help

Couple Cousulting a Sex Therapist for Premature Ejaculation

While sex therapy for PE involves mainly the man. Sometimes his partner can also participate.

If your self-therapy and home training don’t provide the desired results, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Some people’s primary job is to help other people with their sexual difficulties. They called sex therapists. Don’t let your pride stop you, if you feel you may need outside help, you should consider professional sex therapy for premature ejaculation.