How to be good in bed

How to Please a Woman in Bed

How to Please a Woman in Bed: The Single Best Advice I Ever Got

To please a woman in bed, you first need to do X, then Y, and you end up by doing Z 3 or4 times and voilà! Of course, sex doesn’t work like this, yet, you’ll find plenty of article of this kind. And to be honest, they aren’t all bad. Even if they’re mostly click […]

Refractory Period tip to last longer in bed

Refractory Period and Premature Ejaculation

What is the refractory period? You can have more information about what is the refractory period in our FAQ answer page, in short, it’s a stage a man enter after ejaculation. During this time, it’s more difficult for the man to get aroused. Therefore, erections are more difficult to gain. When a man achieves an […]

Sex Positions for Premature Ejaculation

Sex Positions for Premature Ejaculation

If you want to last longer during intercourse, the choice of a sex position is essential. For several reasons, it will be easier for you to delay ejaculation in some positions. Before we list the best sex positions for premature ejaculation, we just want to explain quickly why the position choice impact your ejaculation control. […]

Living Happy with Premature Ejaculation in a Relationship

The Good Side of Premature Ejaculation

I’m a half full kind of guy. I believe that you can find good points in every situation, even premature ejaculation. Yes, for a lot of reasons PE sucks1. Focussing on the bad sides of PE is easy. Still, if you know how to deal with premature ejaculation, you can start to appreciate the good side […]