Tracy Carlson, Ph.D.

My professional philosophy is to be a culturally sensitive psychologist and sex therapist who strives to 1) increase my awareness of my own assumptions, values, and biases, 2) increase my knowledge of culturally diverse clients, and 3) continually acquire culturally appropriate interventions and skills. My role as a sex therapist is to provide a safe space that is free from judgement to help my clients explore and understand the complexities of their own sexuality. I aim to provide a clinical practice that is informed by the best available evidence. In addition, engaging in ongoing assessment of developmental, biological, environmental, social, and multicultural factors are crucial to maximize treatment effectiveness. Thus, my approach to providing sex therapy as well as sexuality education is current, integrated, and holistic. I stand behind the promotion of evidence-based sexuality education. Furthermore, I believe that all persons are entitled to have access to sexual health and education.

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200 West Esplanade Ave Kenner, LA 70065[/wpv-map-marker]

200 West Esplanade Ave Kenner, LA 70065

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Degree: PhD in Counseling Psychology


    Job Title: Sex Therapist

    Specialization: Relationship and Sex Therapy, Couples Therapy, Transgender Health Services, Out of Control Sexual Behavior, Women’s Sexual Health, Mindfulness, Reproductive Health, and LGBTQ

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