Michael Smith, MA, MFT, CST

I believe that sexuality is a primary component of human fulfillment and overall happiness and should not be ignored or rooted in fear or shame. I know that virtually all sexual problems and issues have solutions and can be resolved. My philosophy is that each individual already has the resources to overcome these issues, but may need help from a trained, empathetic and non-judgmental professional to achieve success. To facilitate this growth, I create a safe, warm, positive environment to provide the appropriate therapeutic services for individual and couples who have the courage to ask for help with their problems.

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1601 Dove Street Suite 230 Newport Beach, CA 92660[/wpv-map-marker]

1601 Dove Street Suite 230 Newport Beach, CA 92660

(949) 338-9525 Visit Website

Degree: Bachelor of Arts, UCLA; Teaching Credential, Cal State Fullerton; Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, National University.


  • AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

Job Title: Sex Therapist, Sex Addiction & Infidelity Specialist, MFT

Specialization: As a Certified Sex Therapist I work with individuals and couples who are either having particular problems in their sexual functioning or who are unsatisfied with the quality and/or frequency of their sexual activity. I help clients with a wide range of sexual concerns, with special skills in couples issues, low sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, rapid or delayed/inhibited ejaculation, women’s anorgasmia and sexual inhibition, sexual trauma, and adults abused as children.

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