Beth Leedham, PhD

Most people come to me feeling very stuck.  My goal is to get you un-stuck and guide you to real solutions. All sex therapy is not created equal.  Experience has shown me that sexual problems often create psychological conflict, and psychological issues frequently create sexual problems.  I bring both types of training to my work: a solid grounding in clinical psychology, and specialized training in couple and sex therapy.  This enables me to work with both the sexual issues at hand, as well as the relationship issues and psychological distress that are part of the package. I am direct, honest, and gentle but forthright.  I work hard to understand a client’s perspective, and then focus on supporting you in making changes in new and creative ways.  Once we have established a trusting connection, you can expect that I will tell you what I see, how I think, and what you need to do to solve your problems.   Most clients come to me with an immediate problem that needs help.  They stay because I do help, and I never lose sight of the presenting problem, even if we’re exploring deeper issues of feelings, personal history, and behavior.

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16055 Ventura Boulevard Suite 1110 Encino, CA 91436[/wpv-map-marker]

16055 Ventura Boulevard Suite 1110 Encino, CA 91436

(818) 254-5554 Visit Website

Degree: PhD, University of Southern California, 1996; postdoctoral training in Health Psychology, UCLA Medical Center, 1998; postdoctoral training in Human Sexuality, UCLA, 2010.


  • AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

Job Title: Clinical Psychologist

Specialization: I earned my doctorate in Clinical Psychology from USC in 1996 and completed postdoctoral studies at the UCLA Medical Center, and I have been in practice for 16 years.  I specialize in sexual desire problems; sexual addiction, including compulsive sexual addiction and pornography addiction; affairs; the sexless marriage; sexual problems relating to aging, menopause, or chronic illness; issues relating to alternative sexual practices, such as polyamory, swinging, and kink/fetish; transgender issues; GLBTI issues; and couples wishing to reinvigorate their sexual connection.  I also have extensive training and experience with chronic illness issues.  I do a lot of public speaking and also consult to media and entertainment.  I work with clients from a wide range of cultural and sexual backgrounds.  I have extensive experience working with East Asian, Armenian, Persian, Jewish, religiously orthodox, gay, disabled, and sexual minority clients.

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