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What is the Refractory Period?

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The refractory period is a phase that men feel after ejaculation. During this time, men can’t have other orgasms. Maintaining an erection is also more difficult. During this period, the penis could be hypersensitive and physical sexual stimulation could be painful – or at least unpleasant. Men are also less sensitive to psychological arousal. Some stimuli that would usually excite you will have fewer effects.

The length of the period will vary from one man to another. While in some rare cases, some men do not experience any refractory period, the average man will have a refractory period between a couple of minutes and several days. A lot of factors affect the refractory period, but age is the more important. The older you are, the more extended your refractory period will be.

It’s unclear if women also have a refractory period. While women could experience multiple orgasms one after the other, their clitoris is often sensible after orgasm, and additional stimulation can be painful.

Sexual Response Cycle

Based on the Master and Johnson’s Human Sexual Response Cycle, sex could be split into 4 phase. Excitement, Orgasm, Plateau, and Resolution. You can read more about the sexual response cycle on the Cum Too Fast, Learn Why page. The refractory period is the resolution phase for men. It lasts until excitement becomes possible again.

Refractory Period and Premature Ejaculation Management

Since the excitement becomes possible again gradually, the end of the refractory period can be a premature ejaculator sweet spot. His arousal be easier to control and it will be possible for him to regain an erection. Some scenarios that you could find overwhelmingly arousing in normal circumstances could be manageable at the end of the refractory period. That’s why premature ejaculators could use the refractory period to their advantage to gain a better control of their ejaculation and last longer.

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