Is There a Pill for Premature Ejaculation

Is There a Pill for Premature Ejaculation?

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Several treatments for premature ejaculation exists. While some treatments, like sex therapy or premature ejaculation exercises, demand more time investment, other can look simpler. Wouldn’t be easier to simply swallow a pill to get rid of PE? Yes, there are some effective drugs for premature ejaculation. However, depending on the country where you live, it’s not all drugs that are available. Most of them are prescribed off-label. Also, they can present serious side effect. Finally, even if those medicines can help some men, they are more effective alongside other treatments like sex therapy.

Premature Ejaculation Pills Type

Drug treatment for premature ejaculation falls into two categories: on-demand and daily treatment. You take an on-demand pill only when needed, a couple of hours before having sex. Daily pills are taken every day at the same hour for a prolonged effect. You can read more information on each type of medication on the premature ejaculation pills and medication page.

Premature Ejaculation On-Demand Pill

There’s one on-demand premature ejaculation medication commercialized. It is called dapoxetine and it’s only available in certain European countries for now. If you’re living in the USA or Canada, this isn’t an option for now. It’s possible that the FDA or Health Canada approves the drug soon and we will update this page as soon as it happens.

Premature Ejaculation Daily Pill

They are several antidepressant drugs that delay ejaculation when taken daily. However, public health agencies like the FDA still haven’t approved the treatment of PE with a daily antidepressant. Yet, it’s possible to have an off-label prescription for some SSRI to treat premature ejaculation. Doctors could still prescribe those SSRI for PE if they want because the authorities approved the use of SSRI to treat other conditions.

Premature Ejaculation Pills Side Effects

Both the on-demand and daily drugs present sides effects. You can have a quick view of the possible side effects by clicking the links below. However, this is not a professional medical opinion, neither a complete list of all the potential side effect. If you want to know all the possible side effects, please consult a health specialist like a doctor or a pharmacist.

SSRI for Premature Ejaculation Side Effects

Dapoxetine for Premature Ejaculation Side Effects

How to Get Premature Ejaculation Pills

The only way you can get access to premature ejaculation medication is with a doctor’s prescription. You should never take a prescription drug without a doctor’s prescription. It could pose serious risks to your health. To obtain such prescription, you need to speak to a doctor first. Please note that your doctor may ask you to try other treatments first before he gives you the order. You can have more advice on how to approach the subject with your physician on the premature ejaculation pills and medication page.

Should I Treat Premature Ejaculation With A Pill?

Before considering a drug treatment for premature ejaculation, you should look for other treatments. While taking a pill could be an effective treatment, and sometimes it’s the only thing that will work, it’s still a serious decision. Antidepressants will alter your brain’s chemicals. Treating premature ejaculation with such medication is not something that you should choose by yourself, but alongside your doctor and your therapist (if you have one). Please consult them if you feel the need to take medication for premature ejaculation.

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