Does premature ejaculation get worse with age

Does Premature Ejaculation Get Worse with Age?

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A large-scale study shows that older men ejaculate quicker on average than younger one1. Still, this doesn’t mean that premature ejaculation gets worse with age. In fact, the link between age and rapid ejaculation is hard to determine. If there is a correlation between age and ejaculation time, there’s no simple way to tell if it’s only a correlation or if age is contributing to premature ejaculation in some ways.

How Age Could Influence Ejaculation Time

There are many ways in which age could influence ejaculation time and ejaculation control.

  • The older you are, the more chance you got to seek effective treatment.
  • Since the quest for ejaculation control could be long, it’s harder for an 18-year-old to achieve it than it is for an experienced man.
  • Because hormonal factors determine ejaculation latency, boys do feel a hormonal surge during their teenage.

Still, older men, on average, ejaculate quicker than young ones. There are a lot of possible explanation for the phenomenon. Here are some guests.

  • The older generation may be less open about sexuality in general and less prone to look for treatment.
  • Prolonging intercourse can be less of a concern for older generations.
  • For various reasons, ejaculation control could be less of a concern for older man.
  • The refractory period is longer in older men. It’s possible for younger men to use their refractory period as a PE management technique.
  • The fact that a man has been a premature ejaculator for several years could strengthen the rapid ejaculation reflex, therefore, the more the condition goes untreated, the worse it becomes.

Of the five possible explanations listed, only the last one suggests that premature ejaculation gets worse with age. However, without a large-scale study that would analyze ejaculation time of men during all their life, it’s impossible to tell which one, if any, of these explanations, is true. It is, therefore, impossible to know if premature ejaculation gets worse with age.

How to Get Rid of Premature Ejaculation Regardless of Age

No matter if premature ejaculation gets worse with age, if it’s bothering you, you should look for treatment. Your age shouldn’t be an obstacle to overcome PE. It’s possible to improve the time you last in bed at every age.

Premature ejaculation treatments are split into 4 categories: homemade sexual re-education, professional sex therapy, premature ejaculation products or premature ejaculation medication.

For both younger and older men, the first place I would advise to start it’s the homemade sexual re-education since it’s free and easy to put in place. However, since some older men may have more money to spend, they could consider the professional sex therapy as the first line treatment.


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