Does Circumcision Help Premature Ejaculation

Does Circumcision Help Premature Ejaculation?

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There is still debate on whether circumcision could help to last longer. The link between premature ejaculation and circumcision is not clear. While some evidence indicates that circumcision reduces penile sensitivity1, this research suffers from some methodology weakness like a small sampling. Also, other studies have failed to confirm this finding2, and a study made in Keyna showed otherwise3.  The circumcised men of this study showed an increased penile sensitivity and reached orgasm more easily.

However, some signs show that circumcision and Premature Ejaculation may be linked. For example, the prevalence of PE is lower in the Middle Est4 where circumcision is a routine practice among Jews and Muslims. A study of 42 male patients evaluated the average time to ejaculate (ejaculatory latency time) before and after adult circumcision5. Circumcision improved the latency time.

Also, the most sensitive part of the penis for uncircumcised men appears to be the foreskin. And while the circumcision scar is the most sensitive penis part of circumcised men, it’s still not as sensitive as the foreskin.

Other studies have shown no correlation between ejaculation time (ejaculatory latency time) and circumcision6. Right now, the data that we have seem to indicate that circumcision is not a risk factor for PE. Even if there is a short time improvement after adult circumcision, we do not have enough studies to prove its long-term effect.

Therefore, more data would be needed to know if circumcision should be considered as a treatment for premature ejaculation. Right now, other less intrusive means should be regarded as a way to desensitize your penis. For example, some over-the-counter topical anesthetic can reduce your sensation and make you last longer without the need of a chirurgical intervention.


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