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If you want more information on Promescent and how it’s different from other sprays, you can consult our Promescent review. Until our next giveaway, if you want to try Promescent, the 19.95$ Trial Size Bottle is your lowest-cost option.

Premature Ejaculation Help is giving away 10 Promescent free trial size bottles. To participate in the sweepstakes, you only have to subscribe to our newsletter via the form below before May 12th.

We will contact the winners May 12th via email. Each winner will receive a voucher promo code that will allow them to order a trial size bottle on Promescent website for free.null

Promescent Free Samples Giveaway

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Promescent Free Trial Contest

What is Promescent

Promescent is a lidocaine delay spray that partially desensitizes men so they can last longer in bed. The lidocaine temporary anesthetizes the penis nerves. Promescent blocks some of the signals the penis usually send to the brain. Therefore, a man will need more stimulation before he feels the urge to ejaculate.

So, by applying Promescent on his penis 5 to 10 minutes before sex, a man will last longer. You can learn more about Promescent mechanism of action in our Promescent review.

Mains Benefits of Promescent

Promscent is a unique kind of delay sprays. Instead of using solid lidocaine, it uses lidocaine in its liquid form. So, unlike other brands, the man’s penis fully absorbs Promescent. Therefore, it can’t be transferred to his partner. Indeed, while other sprays can accidentally desensitize his partner, the risk is almost null with Promescent.

Also, Promescent liquid lidocaine doesn’t stick on the outer skin. So, unlike other products, the man won’t feel completely numb. While other delay products can render the man completely senseless, Promescent numbing occurs at a deeper level, allowing the man to enjoy pleasant feels nevertheless.

Promescent Free Samples Sweepstake Rules & Conditions

  • The official name of our Sweepstake is Promescent Free Samples Sweepstake
  • The sweepstakes prices are 10 voucher codes that can be redeemed for a free Promescent Trial bottle (value of $19.95 per bottle + shipping fees). 10 winners will be drawn randomly and each winner will receive 1 code.
  • The voucher code can’t be exchanged for monetary compensation.
  • To participate in the sweepstake, a person needs to subscribe to Premature Ejaculation Help newsletter by submitting the form above on this page, or the form in the footer on every page of
  • By subscribing to the mailing list you are automatically registered in the sweepstakes. No purchase is necessary and no purchases can increase your odds of winning.
  • This sweepstake is organized, administrated and sponsored by Premature Ejaculation Help, the propriety of Votre Sherpa, and is not administered by Absorption Pharmaceuticals, LLC, Promescent parent company. Absorption Pharmaceuticals, LLC does participate in the contest by giving for free 5 of the 10 bottles to Premature Ejaculation Help. The other 5 bottles are bought by Premature Ejaculation Help at their regular price.
  • The sweepstake is only open to resident of the USA and Canada (except Quebec)why?. Employees of the sponsoring company (Votre Sherpa) or Absorbtion Pharmaceutical, LLC, and their family members aren’t eligible to win.
  • By participating in this sweepstake, you accept Premature Ejaculation Help privacy policy and terms and conditions.
  • 10 vouchers code will be randomly distributed among Premature Ejaculation Help mailing list subscribers.
  • The odds of winning depend on the number of entries.
  • If you are already subscribed to Premature Ejaculation Help mailing list, you’re automatically registered in the sweepstakes and you have a chance to win. No other action is necessary to enter the sweepstake.
  • Only one subscription per person is allowed. If we suspect that the same person has subscribed to the mailing list via multiple email addresses, we will remove the suspect addresses from the drawing list.
  • The 10 winning email addresses will be randomly drawn on the 12th of May. We will send the voucher codes the same day (before 11:59 PM EST) via email to the winners.
  • The voucher will cover the price of a Trial Size Promescent Bottle (0.4 fl oz / 1.3ml), including the handling and shipping fees (Canada et USA only).
  • The winners need to order themselves their free Promescent Trial Bottle on
  • The winners’ information (name and email addresses) will not be divulgated.
  • Premature Ejaculation Help has the right to contact participants via email to send them information about future contests, sweepstakes or informational and promotional messages. Participants have the right to unsubscribe to those messages. Per Premature Ejaculation Help privacy policy, they also have a “right to be forgotten” if they wish so.
  • Promescent Free Samples Sweepstake’s sponsor (Votre Sherpa) is not liable if the sweepstake is delayed or canceled due to forces outside of its control.
Why Quebec is excluded?

Quebec is excluded because organizing sweepstakes in Quebec require a special contribution to Quebec’s Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux (RACJ). We will organize a special sweepstake that includes Quebec’s resident when we will launch the French version of our website.

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