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Our Promescent Review Summary

When it comes to over-the-counter delay solutions, Promescent is simply the best product available. Its patented TargetZone™ technology makes Promescent truly unique.

With its original formula, Promescent delays orgasm and improve ejaculation control. Just like other PE sprays, Promescent uses lidocaine to numb some penile nerves. However, Promescent uses an oil-aqueous form of lidocaine instead of a solid one.

The skin can fully absorb aqueous lidocaine. So, unlike other sprays, Promescent can’t accidentally numb your partner.

Since Promescent is absorbed by the skin, it will target only your inner nerves. Thus, you won’t feel the same numbing feeling that other products can give you. You will still be able to experience pleasant sensations during sex.

Still, like anything else in life, quality comes with a price. Promescent is expensive. So, if you’re on a tight budget, you may want to look at cheaper alternatives.

Yet, when we’re talking about products for your private parts, I prefer quality above all. Promescent follows the strictest manufacturing process – including ICH stability testings and continuous quality monitoring. The product is made in the USA in a zoned environment free of any cross-contamination risk.

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What is Promescent?

Promescent is a lidocaine delay spray developed by Dr. Ronald Gilbert, a Californian urologist. Lidocaine is a topical anesthetic that numbs tissues in a specific area. Men who want to last longer in bed can apply Promescent on their penis (head and shaft) 5 to 10 minutes before sex. The lidocaine will desensitize some of the penile nerves ending. By doing so, men gain a better ejaculation control and can delay their orgasm.

What sets Promescent apart other lidocaine sprays is its TargetZone™ technology. Where other numbing sprays use crystalline lidocaine, Promescent uses an oil-aqueous form. The skin can’t fully absorb solid lidocaine. So, other delay sprays active ingredient will stick on the first layer of your epidermis. It’s the reason why other solutions give you a numb sensation. However, aqueous lidocaine can penetrate your skin. So, Promescent will affect only the nerves responsible for triggering the ejaculation signal. You can then benefit from its delay effect without numbing all your penis sensation.

What are Promescent Ingredients?

Lidocaine, Promescent main active ingredient

Promescent Active Ingredients

Promescent only active ingredient is lidocaine. Each spray of Promescent contains around 10mg of lidocaine.

Lidocaine is a local anesthetic. When applied to the skin or mucous membrane, it can numb tissues in a specific area. Lidocaine blocks local neurons signal to the brain. It’s sometimes used as a topical agent to stop itching or pain caused by certain skin conditions. For the same reason, it’s also used as local anesthesia for some medical procedures. For example, dentists often use lidocaine to desensitize patients.

In Promescent case, lidocaine blocks the penile nerve from triggering the ejaculation.

Most delay spray uses solid lidocaine. Because the skin can better absorb aqueous lidocaine, Promescent uses a eutectic formulation. The lidocaine is mixed with another element to assure that it stays in an aqueous form.

Promescent Inactive Ingredients

The Promescent formula also contains several non-active ingredients. For a complete list of Promescent inactive ingredient, please refer to the product packaging.

Does Promescent work?

Not only it works for me, but it also does for the majority of men. At least, that’s what a study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research shows us. Indeed, Promescent is one of the only delay product backed by a clinical study1.

About Promescent Study

Now, it’s important to note that the study does suffer from some methodological weaknesses. For example, the study doesn’t have a placebo group. Also, it doesn’t use a stop-watch to calculate the intravaginal ejaculation latency time (IELT). Still, the company behind Promescent did invest in a study. That’s a thing not all delay product manufacturer is willing to do. Also, a more robust review is in the works and should better prove Promescent’s efficacity.

What’s important is that the current study results are convincing. Promescent did increase the ejaculation latency of the study participants. The 91 men surveyed men showed an average increase of 4.35 minutes with Promescent. Based on the men’s perception, its usage increased the frequency of their partner orgasm. They also rated the overall quality of their sexual experience better when the spray was used.

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Lidocaine Efficacity

It’s also important to note that lidocaine, Promescent only active ingredient, is a well known local anesthetic. Its numbing effect is already established. Furthermore, another lidocaine based product has shown excellent results in a double-blind study2.

How long will I last with Promescent?

It’s impossible to answer this question since every man is unique. Everyone will react differently to the product. Based on the quoted study, Promescent helped men to last 64% longer. However, the average ejaculation latency time of the 91 surveyed men was 6.5 minutes. At 6.5 minutes, those men are within the average. They do not suffer from premature ejaculation based on the ISSM definition.

For a more severe premature ejaculator, the delay effect might be more pronounced. Indeed, if you naturally last 30 seconds, and you improve to 2 minutes, that’s a 300% increase. For a man who lasts 6 minutes, a 300% increase would mean a penetration time of 24 minutes. If you’re an average man who lasts 6 minutes, a 300% increase might be too much for you. If you’re in control of the moment you come, you might do it before this mark.

Penis Sensitivity vs Psychological Arousal

However, penis sensitivity is not the only cause of premature ejaculation. So, Promescent’s effect will vary from one person to another. It’s possible that some men won’t last longer with Promescent. Others might find that it just what they need to last as long as they want.

As you can read on this page, two things trigger the ejaculation: genital stimulation and psychological arousal. Promescent will block the genital stimulation signal. Yet, it doesn’t affect the psychological arousal. So, Promescent effectivness depends on how much you’re sensible to genital stimulation versus psychological arousal.

Therefore, the only way to know how long you will last with Promescent is to try it!

How to Use Promescent?

Applying Promescent is simple and doesn’t interrupt the natural flow of things. You have to spray the underside of the shaft and head of your penis three to ten times. It’s important not to use more than 10 sprays.

When the spray is applied, you’ll have to wait for 10 minutes for the lidocaine to take effect. After 10 minutes, your skin will have absorbed the product entirely. Following the recommended wait time, there will be no risk of accidental transfer to your partner.

How Long Does Promescent Delay Effect Last?

How long does Promescent last depends on the number of sprays you apply. Its delay effect can last between 30 to 60 minutes.

Where to Apply Promescent for a Maximal Effect

Other delay sprays will numb all your penis head. Promescent’s unique formula will enter the skin and numb only the nerves it has to.

For this reason, it’s important to aim Promescent at the most sensitive area your penis. By doing so, you will be able to use fewer sprays, and your Promescent bottle will last longer!

The Most Sensitive Area of the Penis

The Foreskin

The most sensitive part of a man’s penis is the foreskin – or the circumcision scar for circumcised men. More precisely, it’s the area where the inner foreskin reaches the outer skin. That’s why we recommend pulling the foreskin down before spraying the product. You can then use 2 to 5 spray on your shaft inner skin and inside your foreskin. After, uses your finger to spread the solution all around the shaft and outer foreskin.

The Glans

Then, you can use 2 to 3 sprays on the penis head. The glans is also full of nerves ending, so it’s good to make sure you’re targeting those too. Here’s again, make sure to spread the product all around the glans.

The Frenulum

Finally, some men have a particularly sensible frenulum. Indeed, a short frenulum is one of the suspected risk factors for PE. For those you are wondering what a frenulum is, it’s the thin layer of skin that attaches your foreskin to your glans. If your frenulum is sensible, one spray should do the job.

Now, that is some general tips on how to apply Promescent. However, every man and every penis is different. That’s why you’ll have to test separate approach yourself to see what works best for you.

Where to apply promescent

How to Apply Promescent for the Best Results

Promescent uses a dose-metered bottle. So, when you know how much spray you need, you can always use the same amount. It can be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the product during masturbation first. You can use Promescent with a training unit to learn how much spray you need, and where are the best places to apply it.

Wait for the Effect to Kick In

Also, to exploit Promescent’s full potential, it’s essential to respect the 10 minute waiting period. I know it’s not always possible to plan sex. Still, if things begin to get hot with your partner, you better not rush into things.

If your partner starts to stimulate you too soon, you have to resist! Foreplays extension is always a good option for a man who wants to last longer. During this time, you can focus on reducing your psychological arousal. Promescent will take care of the physical aspect, your job is only to calm down your arousal.

Also, you can profit from this time by focusing on your partner pleasure. So, not only you’ll be able to last longer, but your partner should take less time to climax.

Promescent Application With Your Partner

For a more playful experience, why not incorporate your partner in the application process? Delay products are not well known, so there might still be a stigma about their usage. But really, what’s the difference between using a delay spray and a lubricant or a condom? Just like putting up a condom or applying lube can be part of the foreplays – make applying Promescent a foreplay action too!

Where to Buy Promescent?

Promescent is available online via its official website or on Amazon. Promescent website can also ship internationally.

If you buy Promsecent directly after clicking a link on our site, we will receive a small commission on the sale. By doing so, we can pay for the site expense and keep working on free helpful content. So, if this review was useful to you, please encourage us by buying your Promescent via one of those links.

Where to buy Promescent - USA Flag

Where to buy Promescent in the USA

The best place to get Promescent in the US is via its official website. It is also available via, but the official website has a free shipping policy for orders over 99$, and you can get bulk discounts. So, if you want more for your buck, it’s best to buy it on Promescent official site.

Where to buy Promescent - Canada Flag

Where to buy Promescent in Canada

Canadians who want to try Promescent should buy it via Promescent’s official website. Shipping rates for Canada are reasonable and Promescent official site offers a bulk discount.

Where to buy Promescent - UK Flag

Where to buy Promescent in the UK

Promescent can be shipped at low cost to the UK via FedEx when you buy it from Promescent official website. In fact, Promescent’s official site is the only place where you can get Promescent in the UK.

Where to buy Promescent - EU Flag

Where to buy Promescent in Europe

Promescent is only available in Europe via its official website. If you live in France, Germany or any other European countries, that’s your only option.

Promescent European shipping cost via the official site is low. Also using the official site ensure that you have a legit product.

Where to buy Promescent - India Flag

Where to buy Promescent in India

The best place to buy Promescent in India is via its official website. Promescent’s official website offers free shipping in India. Also, buying directly from Promescent ensure you that you’ll have a legitimate product, not a knockoff or counterfeit.

Where to buy Promescent - Asia Africa Australia

Where to buy Promescent in the Rest of the World

If you’re looking for Promescent in Africa, Asia, Australia or any other part of the world, you must use Promescent’s official website. Worldwide shipping costs are reasonable. Buying directly from Promescent ensure that you’ll have a legitimate product, not a knockoff or counterfeit. Please refer to Promescent’s official website for the list of countries where Promescent can ship.

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How much does Promescent cost?

Promescent exact price varies depending on the bottle and package size you choose. You can find here a table that summarizes how much does Promescent cost for each option.


Promescent Trial Size ReviewPromescent Travel Size

Buy Promescent

(1 x 0.04 oz)0.041.3USD$19.95USD$15.3510USD$2.00

Promescent Standard ReviewPromescent The Standard

Buy Promescent

(1 x 0.25 oz)0.257.4USD$59.95USD$8.1060USD$1.00

Promescent Home and Away ReviewPromescent Home and Away

Buy Promescent

(1 x 0.04 oz + 1 x 0.25 oz)0.298.7USD$73.95USD$8.5070USD$1.06

Promescent Never Without ReviewPromescent Never Without

Buy Promescent

(3 x 0.04 oz)0.123.9USD$49.95USD$12.8130USD$1.67

Promescent Threesome ReviewPromescent The Threesome (best value)

Buy Promescent

(3 x 0.25 oz)0.7522.2USD$159.95USD$7.20180USD$0.89

Promescent Six Pack ReviewPromescent Six Pack

Buy Promescent

(3 x 0.04 oz + 3 x 0.25 oz)0.8726.1USD$189.95USD$7.28210USD$0.90

Please note that the rates are in US dollar. Prices are based on the official website cost.

Promescent vs KY Duration vs Stud100 vs Dynamo Delay

Promescent is more expensive than other over-the-counter delay sprays. However, it has some unique features that competitors don’t have. You can take a look at the chart below for a quick glance, or read our Pros & Cons below.

 Promescent The StandardPromescent The ThreesomeKY Duration Spray (1 pack)Dynamo delayStud 100
Bottles(1 x 0.25 oz)(3 x 0.25 oz)(1 x 0.16 oz)(1 x 0.75 oz)(1 x 0.44 oz)
PriceUSD$ 59.95USD$ 159.95USD $27.59USD$ 14.95USD$ 15.95
Nb of Sprays6018036270120
Cost per usage*USD$ 5.00USD$ 4.44USD$ 3.83USD$ 0.28USD$ 0.66
Active IngredientEutectic LidocaineEutectic LidocaineLidocaineLidocaineLidocaine
Concentration %7.7%7.7%9.6%13.0%9.6%
EfficacityClinically ProvedClinically Proved to be determinedto be determined
Made inUSAUSAThailandUSAUK
Safe for Oral SexYes, but you should wash to avoid the unpleasant tasteYes, but you should wash to avoid the unpleasant tasteYes, only if washed beforeYes, only if washed beforeYes, only if washed before
Could transfer to your partnerNoNoNot if washed beforeNot if washed beforeNot if washed before
Numbing SensationDesensitize without numbingDesensitize without numbingNumb the penisNumb the penisNumb the penis

*Based on a five sprays usage

Promescent Review: The Pros

Promescent won't desensitize your partner
Promescent won’t desensitize your partner

No Accidental Partner Desensitization

Promescent can’t accidentally desensitize your partner’s genitals. With most delay products, the active ingredient isn’t fully absorbed. Therefore, the lidocaine could transfer to your partner and numb your partner’s genitals too. Since the goal is to delay your orgasm, not hers, it’s advised to wash other lidocaine products before you have sex.

This risk is almost null with Promescent if you wait around 10 minutes for the product to be absorbed by your skin. So, if you and your partner don’t want to pause to clean the product off, you should go with Promescent.

Promescent won't numb all your sensations
Promescent won’t numb all your sensations

You still feel a thing!

Delay spray goal is to reduce penile sensation. By numbing your penis, it delays your orgasm. However, by doing so, it also blocks the pleasurable sensations. For premature ejaculators, it’s a fair trade-off. If you’re particularly sensitive, you might enjoy more intercourse with less genital stimulation.

Yet, some of us might want the best of both worlds: a delayed orgasm with all the sensations. As we’ve mentioned, that’s where Promescent TargetZone™ technology is useful. Since the skin absorbs the solution, you can still feel pleasant sensations in your sex while the lidocaine does its job on the inner nerves.

It’s excellent for premature ejaculators who still want to feel a thing. However, if you’re just looking for a bit more control without suffering from PE, other delay sprays could be too much of a concession. What’s the point of lasting longer if you can’t feel anything? That’s why Promescent is the best product for occasional users.

Promescent respect high manufacturing standards
Promescent respect high manufacturing standards

Manufacturing quality

Promescent manufacture is located in the US and is fully zoned. The zoned production protect against cross-contamination during the manufacturing process. It ensures that people, air, and material flows cannot spoil the product.

Besides, to ensure its effectiveness, Promescent manufacturer run several tests. On top of ICH stability testings, there is a continuous quality assurance effort.

Over-the-counter products aren’t subject to the same guideline of prescription drugs. So, it’s not all delay sprays that respect the same rigor in their manufacturing process. The fact that Promescent goes the extra mile in term of manufacturing quality is reassuring.

Promescent Review: The Cons

Promescent Price

Promescent is not the cheapest delay spray available. In fact, as you can see on our chart, it’s the most high-priced one. When we look at the price by dose, Promescent is more expansive than any other lidocaine sprays.

Why is Promescent expensive?

Promescent is a high-end product. Its unique technology required massive R&D investment. If we add the development cost to the manufacturing quality assurance, we have a quality product, but an expensive one.

The company behind Promescent is currently looking at ways to decrease its cost. As Promescent sales increase, the manufacturing cost will go down. Thus, Promescent should become more accessible in term of price in the years to come.

Meanwhile, it up to you if you want to invest a bit more for Promescent quality. For occasional users, price probably isn’t much of a concern. For those who rely on delay product each time they have sex, it’s a consideration.

Promescent can be expensive
Promescent can be expensive

A Noticeable Scent

Promescent has a bit of a “pharmaceutical” smell. It doesn’t “stink,” but you will notice a medicinal odor when you spray it. Personally, I don’t find the scent annoying, but I guess people who are really sensitive to smells could be bothered.

If you want to hide the fact that you’re using a delay spray, the smell can give it away. Now, we don’t see any reason why you should keep your usage secret. We encourage every man to be open about this. There’s no shame at having a quick sexual response! Also, some people can be allergic to lidocaine. So, it’s important to tell your partner if you’re using a lidocaine spray.

Promescent has a medical smell
Promescent has a medical smell

Frequently Asked Questions about Promescent

Who manufactures Promescent?

Promescent is Absorption Pharmaceutical LLC’s unique product. Absorption Pharmaceutical is a Las Vegas-based company founded by urologist Dr. Ronald Gilbert.

Is Promescent FDA compliant?

Yes, Promescent is an over-the-counter product approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Do I need a prescription or does Promescent is available over-the-counter?

Promescent is available as an over-the-counter product in the USA. Lidocaine products are available over-the-counter in several countries. Promescent can be shipped worldwide without a prescription via its official website.

Is Promescent Safe to Use?

Promescent is an FDA approved product. Its only active ingredient is lidocaine. Some people are allergic to lidocaine. Still, most people tolerate it without any adverse effect.

As long as you use Promescent as indicated, it’s safe to use. In short, respect the maximum quantity, don’t swallow it and make sure that the product doesn’t come in contact with your eyes. For any questions about security, please refer to Promescent safety information page.

Promescent Side Effect

Promescent can result in a temporary loss of erection if you’re using too many sprays. Skin irritation, burning, or excessive numbing are possible lidocaine side effect. However, they should only occur if you use too much of the product. So, just as long as you’re not allergic to lidocaine, and you respect the indication, you should be okay.

If any of those symptoms occur, you should stop using the product. Just wipe the product off and consult a healthcare professional.

Is Promescent Oral Sex Safe?

Promescent is the only delay product that is fully absorbed by the skin.

However, there are more chances to accidentally numb your partner with oral contact. So, before you engage in oral sex, you have to respect the 10 minutes waiting period. You should also use a damp cloth on your sex before oral sex. It will reduce the partner numbing risk and remove any unpleasant smell and taste.

Is Promescent only for men who suffer from premature ejaculation?

Although Promescent has been developed as a treatment for premature ejaculation, it can be useful for every man that wish to last longer. In recent year, the ISSM came with an evidence-based definition of PE. No matter if you fit the criteria or not, Promescent can still be useful.

Unlike premature ejaculation drugs, Promescent is a local therapy. It doesn’t affect your whole system, but only temporary numb some nerves. Thus, it doesn’t have the same side effects as premature ejaculation oral therapies. So, if you do not suffer from PE but wishes to gain an extra edge, Promescent is a right fit for you. You’ll probably have to use fewer sprays than a premature ejaculator tough.

In fact, Promescent is the best spray for non-PE users. Since its patented formula let you feel sensations, you will still enjoy intercourse with most of its natural feel. Whit other sprays, you might feel desensitized entirely.

Does using Promescent interfere with the natural flow of sexual activities?

For those who never used a delay product, the thought of spraying your penis before sex can seem intrusive. Yet, the Promescent study shows that most men say it’s not. Around 60% of men said that Promescent application “did not interrupt the sexual experience at all.” Of those who say it interrupts things, only 3.5% indicates that it interrupted “very much” the sexual experience.

That’s one of the benefits of sprays over premature ejaculation creams. The application process is fast and easy. Promescent metered bottle simplify the utilization. You can even apply it before you have an erection. In the end, it doesn’t interrupt things much more than putting on a condom.


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