MOR Climax Delay Patch by Morari, Inc.

The MOR Climax Delay Patch is a chemical-free wearable patch developed by Morari Inc. that is intended to increase ejaculation control and delay orgasm. Morari is currently running an equity-based crowdfunding campaign to help bring the product to market. You can find here more information on the product and my opinion on the campaign.

Of all the possible fixes for premature ejaculation (behavioural therapy, delay spray, SSRIs, etc.), none had the same kind of effect that Viagra had on men with erectile dysfunction.

There are many ways to cope with PE, but there’s no universal solution that pleases most men. We often need to try several methods and mix what works best for us. And the end result is often less bad instead of optimal.

That’s why I was intrigued the first time I spoke to Jeff Bennet. Jeff has 25+ years of experience in medical devices. He is also one of the millions of men that would like to delay an ejaculation. Years ago, he told me about his project of developing a wearable device that would delay ejaculation by sending a small electric current to disrupt the ejaculation signal. I thought that was the kind of product that could help men who struggle with the currently available fixes for PE.

Fast-forward a couple of years after our first conversation, Jeff founded Morari , raised some initial capital, developed a prototype and completed a first feasibility study. He was also featured on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show and won both the inaugural Proctor & Gamble Innovation Challenge and the best startup award at the 2021 Sex Tech Summit.

His company is now at the last stages of development and will soon begin the testing needed for regulatory approvals as well as preparing for commercialization which will require additional capital.  For this round, Morari. is launching a crowdfunding campaign to let future product users own a part of the company.

To learn more about the crowdfunding campaign, you can visit its Wefunder page here.

You can read my detailed report below if you want to learn more about the Mor patch and the investment opportunity.

What is WeFunder, and How Does it Work?

Wefunder is an equity-based crowdfunding platform that gives access to venture capitalism to regular people (by regular, I mean non-professional investors). Via Wefunder, you can invest in startups. 

Unlike most crowdfunding platforms, where you can pledge a small amount of money in exchange for an upcoming product (and other perks), a Wefunder campaign lets you acquire equity in the company.

That means you will own a part of the company shares. If the company is profitable and eventually issues dividends, you’ll be entitled to a piece of it. However, a startup’s goal is often to get acquired or to go public through an IPO. Morari plans to look for an acquirer. In the case of an acquisition, you turn a profit when the acquirer buys your equity share in the startup.

What is the MOR Climax Delay Patch?

The MOR Climax Delay Patch is a product developed by Morari that is intended to extend ejaculation latency (how long you last) and ejaculation control (choosing when you come).

It’s a patch that looks like a band-aid that men can put on their perineum (between the testicles and the anus) during sex.

The Patch includes a wireless TENS unit that delivers a soft electric current in the perineum. This current will block or delay the signal your penis normally sends when it’s time to ejaculate.

The TENS unit is linked to a Bluetooth transmitter. Then, via a phone application, you (or your partner) can control the intensity of the electric current to reach the desired level of ejaculation control you want.

The patches are single-use, but the TENS unit, with the transmitter and the battery, is reusable.  

On top of delaying ejaculation, the patch also has the potential to increase orgasm intensity. Since we’re a blog on Premature Ejaculation, I’ll focus on the delaying effect, but for investment purposes, it’s good to know there’s a secondary market for the patch. The patch is not only a tool against premature ejaculation but also a product that can be marketed as a pleasure enhancer.

How Does the MOR Climax Delay Patch Work?

The patch includes a wireless transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit that delivers mild electric impulses to the perineum. The electric current of the patch stimulates the nerves in the perineum. The stimulation confuses the message the nerves send to the brain. As a result, ejaculation is blocked,delayed or enhanced..

When a penis is stimulated, penile nerves send a message to the brain. After a certain time, they say: “Hey brain, it’s time to let go!”, and the brain answers by sending its own message to the muscles of the region. The brain says: “Hey, muscles, it’s time to contract and start the ejaculation process.”

This “conversation” between your penis, brain and muscles takes place inside your nervous system. The MOR patch targets a specific area of this communication channel. Because all those signal passes in the perineum region, the patch can confuse the communication. It blurs the signal, so it takes more time for all the parties involved to understand each other and trigger the ejaculation reflex. This confusion can also lead to a more intense orgasm.

How Effective Is The Patch? 

A first feasibility study has been conducted with ten men who were in committed relationships, and all reported an increase in ejaculation latency. On average, men lasted 45% longer with the patch and there were no significant adverse events

Now, it’s important to be cautious with those results. First, the sample size is minimal, and it’s not a double-blind study; the best type of analysis for ensuring the increase is not a placebo effect. But more importantly, the first test has been made with an early prototyopeunit that didn’t allow the user to change stimulation settings.

As mentioned, the final patch will be linked to a mobile app via Bluetooth. The app will let the user adjust the intensity and frequency of the electric current. Some people might need a stronger current than others to delay ejaculation effectively. Therefore, it’s impossible to know the actual delay effect, but the final patch, linked with the app, will likely outperform the first results.   

What Are The Limitations?

Men with a thick layer of fat on the perineum might not feel any effect. Since fat is an insulator of electric current, the fattier the region is, the more power is needed to achieve an effect. There’s a power limit on the patch battery, therefore, some people won’t benefit from the patch.

At What Stage is The Patch Development at?

Morari is currently in the final stages of development which include a working prototype and mobile app. Following product development, the patch will go through rigorous safety testing.  Because the patch delivers energy to tissue, the patch will need to have regulatory approvals from a safety perspective.

When Will the Patch be Available to Consumers? 

Morari aims for a mid-2023 release.

Why Does Morari Need Investment?

This crowdfunding round’s goal is to complete product development, finish the FDA clearance process and make key hires for the commercialization launch.

How Can The Investment Be Profitable?

By investing in Morari, you own equity in the company. As a shareholder, you’re entitled to a part of the company’s profit. However, with this kind of startup, you usually turn a return on investment when the company is acquired.

Morari will first generate revenue by selling the patch directly to consumers via a dedicated online store. Then, they will distribute the product to other online retailers. Finally, they aim for larger retailers with an online and offline presence.  

Morari’s financial plan expects to be net income positive before the end of its second year past launch. When the company is profitable, it can issue dividends to shareholders. That’s one way to recoup your investment. However, after a successful launch, the company will look for acquirers. The company will enter what we call an exit phase.

During the exit phase, the company will initiate discussions with bigger companies (like pharma companies, consumer goods companies, etc.). If the talks are positive, one of those larger corporations will buy all Morari shares, including the ones you own.

The price at which the acquirer will buy the share will define how much money you made with your investment. Right now, Morari’s pre-money valuation is at $6.4M. So, if the buying company purchases Morari Inc. for $12.8M, you have realized gains with your investment. However, if the launch isn’t as successful as planned and Morari is sold for less than $6.4M, you will suffer a loss. There’s also the possibility that no company desire to acquire Morari. If this is the case, and the company can’t reach profitability, you might lose all your investment.

My Personal Opinion

I haven’t tried the patch with the transmitter yet (it’s still under development), but it’s something that I think has enormous potential. As soon as possible, I’ll try it and post my review. You can subscribe to our mailing list if you want to be notified when my review is available (link in footer).

I did try the patch, though. It feels the same as wearing a band-aid. After a minute or two, you just forget that it’s here. I think the product will sell well if the delay and control effect is sufficient.

Now, I am not a professional investor. This blog is about premature ejaculation, not investment or venture capitalism. So, I won’t advise anyone to invest. There are still things that can go wrong. For example, although the feasibility study had positive results, the sample size was small, and the device used in the test wasn’t linked to the app. Even if all signs point to a notable effect on ejaculation delay and control, we still don’t know precisely how effective it will be. But as mentioned, I think the product has a lot of potentials. 

Please note that I didn’t receive any monetary compensation from Morari for writing about their crowdfunding campaign. Jeff, Morari CEO, asked me to do it, and I was glad to do so because I think the product can help many men suffering from premature ejaculation.

Personally, I would have invested if Quebec residents could do so. But unfortunately, for legal reasons, people from Quebec, Ontario and Alberta can’t participate in Wefunder campaigns yet. Canadian legislation can be strict and sometimes retrograde. Our regulators aren’t as quick as I would like to accept new investment setups.  

That being said, I would have invested because I am financially comfortable and have a bit of capital to risk. It’s important to state that investing in a startup is always risky, even if the product looks promising. Many things can go wrong in a startup, so you should never invest more than you can afford to lose. This kind of investment is a high-risk, high-reward type of opportunity, so you must proceed cautiously and be prepared to lose all your investment.

Access the crowdfunding page
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