How to Apply an Ejaculation Delay Spray like Promescent or KY Duration

Ejaculation delay sprays like Promescent or KY-Duration are one of the easiest ways to last longer in bed. Even if the application process seems simple enough, there are some steps to respect.

Although most delay sprays are the same, Promescent, the leading premature ejaculation spray has a unique formulation. Therefore, there’s a slight difference in the way you apply Promescent relatively to the other brands.

We explain why Promescent is unique below. But first, let’s break down the general application process in 7 simple steps.

How to Best Apply a Lidocaine Spray like Promescent or KY Duration in 7 Simple Steps

  1. Pulled your foreskin down to make your inner foreskin visible. You don’t need an erection to apply the spray, but it will help to have one.
  2. Spray 3 to 10 times your penis head (glans), your frenulum, and your inner foreskin and outer foreskin.
  3. Rub the solution all over your penis head, frenulum, and foreskin.
  4. Remove the product that you have on your hand with a kleenex want to make sure to remove the product completely, use a damp cloth instead of a kleenex.
  5. Wait for ten minutes for the lidocaine effect to kick in.
  6. After ten minutes, you can remove the product with a damp cloth. Make sure to clean all the product off your penis. This step is to ensure that you don’t transfer the product to your partner. Note that if you’re using Promescent, you might don’t need this step.
  7. If you want to use a condom, now it’s the time to put in on. Please note that you have to remove the product first (step 5), because the product can damage the condom. If you’re in a stable relationship and you don’t need protection, you can skip this step.
  8. Resume foreplays and enjoys yourself!

Benzocaine and Lidocaine Delay Products

Some Precisions on How to Apply a Delay Spray

Do I need to have an erection before I apply a delay spray?

No, you don’t. It will be a bit easier to aim and spread the spray if you’re erect. But PE sprays are still easy to apply on a flaccid penis.

Since Promescent, KY-Duration and other sprays’ effect last between 30 and 60 minutes, it’s possible for you to apply the spray before foreplays actually begin.

How many sprays should I use?

For safety reasons, you can’t use more than 10 sprays at a time. If you use more than 10, you’re at risk of having too much lidocaine in your blood. In certain circumstances, this could lead to liver problems.

Any number below 10 is safe. The first time you use a spray, you can start with 5. If you have difficulties to orgasm with 5, you can use fewer sprays next time. If you still come too early with 5 sprays, just use a bit more next time.

Guys who suffer from severe premature ejaculation can start directly with 8 sprays. Personally, it’s the number that I use.

If you want, you can first make some test with a training unit first. Men who have a sensitive penis climax early with a Fleshlight. If it’s your case, try to find how many sprays you need to enjoy the Fleshlight while still having control over the moment where you come. That should also be your magic number for sex with a partner.

Where should I apply the spray?

The most sensitive parts of a penis are the foreskin (especially the junction between the inner and outer foreskin) and the frenulum, followed by the glans. You should aim for those areas.

Obviously, men who are circumcised don’t have a foreskin anymore. For circumcised men, the circumcision scar is the most sensible area, so make sure to cover it well.

Most sensitive part of the penis

You can use one spray solely for the frenulum. It’s also a good idea to use at least 3 sprays on the outer and inner foreskin junction – or the circumcision scar if you’re circumcised. You can then rub those 3 sprays to make sure that Promescent, or the other lidocaine spray you’re using, cover completely the foreskin/circumcision scar. The rest of the spray should be used on the penis head (glans).

To cover the largest surface, don’t forget to spread the liquid once it’s sprayed. You can simply use your finger and rub the solution before it’s absorbed by the skin.

How Promescent Application Differ from Other Brands?

The most effective premature ejaculation spray use lidocaine as their active ingredient. There is an FDA requirement about the amount of lidocaine each spray must contain. The result is that every spray has a similar formulation.

There is one exception: Promescent. As you can read in our Promescent review, Promescent uses liquid lidocaine instead of solid lidocaine in its formula.

The result is that Promescent can be fully absorbed by the skin. Because other sprays use solid lidocaine, some lidocaine crystals stick on the skin. That’s why you have to remove the lidocaine excess with a damp cloth ten minutes after the application. If you don’t you can numb your partner with this remaining lidocaine.

This “cleaning step” can be bothering since you already have to stop foreplay to apply the spray. Adding a “washing” step oblige a second pause. Some couples find this step annoying and prefer a less intrusive application process.

That’s where Promescent liquid lidocaine comes in handy. Since the lidocaine is in an aqueous form, it can penetrate the skin deeper. So, you don’t have to clean your penis, since there is almost no lidocaine left on your skin.

Please note however that even if with Promescent, you don’t risk to desensitize your partner, it still unknown if it’s safe to use with a condom. Indeed, as you can read in our lidocaine vs benzocaine comparison, lidocaine is corrosive to latex. Even if Promescent lidocaine is mostly absorbed by the skin, more testing would be required to determine if Promescent is condom safe. So, if you put a condom on, you still need to go through the cleaning step.

How to Apply Other Sprays Such as KY Duration

Other brands all have the same application process than Promescent, plus the cleaning step.

If you are using any other brand than Promescent, you have to clean the product off your skin with a damp cloth. If you don’t, you can transfer the lidocaine, and the desensitizing effect, to your partner.

Obviously, you have to wait for the product to take effect first. This waiting period is about five to ten minutes.

Since lidocaine can damage latex, it’s also essential to wash the product off if you’re using a condom.

Another way to remove the lidocaine is to take a shower. Since lidocaine is water soluble, it will wear off in contact of water. So if you apply the spray five to ten minutes before a shower, you will be good to go after your shower.

Tips to Apply Promescent or Any Other Delay Spray Without Breaking the Experience

Using a delay spray can be intrusive. Not only you to stop foreplays to apply the spray, but ten minutes later, you have to pause again to clean up your penis.

Fortunately, they are ways to ease the use of a delay spray. Here are some ways that you can use to incorporate the application in the natural flow of things.

With Promescent, You Can Avoid the “Cleaning Step”

As we mentioned, as long as you don’t use a condom, Promescent don’t require the cleaning step. So, instead of two pauses, you only have one. By using this brand, you just cut the problem in half.

Now, that the cleaning step is gone, you only have to find a natural way to include the “spraying and rubbing steps”.

Include Your Partner in the Process

Asking for help from your partner to apply a delay spray can seem strange. But when you think about it, the thought of your partner spraying and massaging your penis with a massage oil is actually hot! What’s the difference? Instead of using oil, it’s an ejaculation delay solution, but the principle is the same.

The Shower Trick

I know, including your partner in the application step isn’t always possible. For example, men who aren’t in a stable relationship can be hesitant to ask a partner they date to help them apply the spray.

Now, using a delay spray without your partner knowing isn’t easy. We encourage men just to break the ice and speak to their partner about their PE issues.

Still, if you really want to use a desensitizing product in secret, you’re probably better with a benzocaine condom instead. However, since lidocaine sprays are more effective than PE condoms, here’s a to apply a delay spray discreetly.

Some people like to shower before sex. If your partner go the shower before you have sex, that’s an opportunity for you to apply the spray. When your date is back, you can simply go to the WC and clean your thing.

Alternatively, you can ask to go to the shower yourself. However, since lidocaine is water soluble, it will wear off in the shower. So, you have to apply the spray at least five (ten recommended) minutes before you shower.

Apply the Spray While You Go Down

One good way to apply the spray without breaking the natural flow is to do it while you’re giving oral sex. I know multitasking isn’t easy for all. Still, while you’re down there, your partner will be enjoying what you’ll be doing. If you keep a bottle of delay spray close to your bed, you can use one of your hand to spray it on your penis. When you’re done use the same hand to rub it all over your sensitive areas.

Just remember to not use this hand to stimulate your partner! At least, not before you washed off the product.

That’s not a perfect solution, but it still better than stopping in the middle of the foreplay, and let your partner idle while you spray your dick!

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