The Between Us Clinic’s PE Program Review

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The Between Us Clinic’s PE Program Review Summary

The Between Us Clinic has created a new online treatment for premature ejaculation – The PE Program. The Program was created in cooperation with Dr. Zvi Zuckerman, a medical doctor and a certified sex therapist. Over his 40-year-long career, Dr. Zuckerman has treated a lot of men who suffered from premature ejaculation in his private practice.

The program consists of masturbation and intercourse exercises that you can do alone if you’re single, or with your partner if you’re in a relationship.

The program offers an interactive treatment plan that splits each exercise into easy-to-follow steps. At each step of the program, you should see an improvement on how long you last.

Since sex therapy can be extremely costly, Dr. Zuckerman and the Between Us Clinic team created this program to offer an alternative to men who aren’t ready to spend hundreds of dollars on private therapy.

Indeed, one of the most significant aspects of the program is its low price. It offers most of the advantage of in-person sex therapy at a fraction of the cost. On top of an exercise program designed by an experienced therapist, you can also benefit from email support throughout the entire program.

Personally, I think this kind of program should be the first step for anyone who wants to overcome PE. Although all cases of premature ejaculation are unique, and each man reacts differently to the exercises, a behavioral therapy program is where all men should start. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money in one-to-one therapy, the Between Us Clinic’s PE program is the perfect solution.

In this article, we give you an extensive review of the features of the program, answer some frequently asked questions, and list its main pros and cons. Read on to find out whether the PE Program is the right solution for you.

Between Us Clinic Review

The Between Us Clinic’s PE Program

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What is the Between Us Clinic’s PE Program?

The PE Program is an online sex therapy program specially designed to treat premature ejaculation. The program is based on behavioral treatment, which is the primary treatment method used for PE since the 70s. It consists of masturbation and intercourse exercises that you can do alone if you’re single, or with your partner if you’re in a relationship.

Once enrolled in the program, you’ll have exercises to perform. These are the same exercises that most sex therapists use in their practice. The PE Program follows a standard behavioral therapy plan, and it splits the therapy into easy-to-follow steps. However, the program is not only a list of exercises to perform. The PE Program’s interactive interface lets you input a time measurement of how long you last during each training session. So, not only can you see your progress from one practice session to another, but the program’s algorithm also determines when you’re ready to pass to the next step based on your past performance. This is similar to the process a man goes through in in-person consultations with a sex therapist.

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Between Us Clinic Pros

One of the most significant selling points of the program is its low price. It offers most of the advantage of professional sex therapy at a fraction of the cost. On top of an exercise program designed by an experienced therapist, you can also benefit from email support for the duration of the program. If you have any questions about the exercises, or if you feel stuck on a step, you can always reach their team of experts.

The personalized plan and the email support distinguish a program like this one from a self-help book, or from simply performing the exercises on your own. Overall, the interactive component of the program, combined with the personalized support, will improve your odds of success.

Between Us Clinic Cons

All cases of premature ejaculation are unique, and each man reacts differently to behavioral therapy. For this reason, some men might benefit more from the program than others. Men who see more limited improvement might need to seek medical treatment on top of performing the exercises.

Still, this kind of program should be the first step for anyone who wants to overcome PE.

Since the Between Us Clinic offers a money-back guarantee for its program, the risk is null. For me, it’s a no-brainer. Unless you’ve already tried professional sex therapy, you should give the Between Us Clinic’s PE Program a try.

How do the exercises work?

The exercises consist of masturbation and intercourse techniques that you have to perform at least 3 times a week for the duration of the program – usually between 4-12 weeks.

The exercises have several goals. The first one is to learn how to correctly identify your levels of arousal. When you gain a better understanding of your sexual response, and you learn how to focus on your inner sensations, you gain better control of your arousal.

The second goal is to acclimate your body to stimulation and arousal. If you follow each step of the program, you will see improvement on how long you last during each exercise. Your body will become habituated to more extended periods of stimulation.

Does the Between Us Clinic’s PE Program work?

While no studies have specifically evaluated the efficacy of the program, the program follows standard behavioral therapy practices, which are proven to work1. In my experience, behavioral therapy can be very effective.

How long should I last after completing the program?

Since each man reacts differently, it’s impossible to tell how much improvement you can expect.

Based on a 2007 study that compared two different therapy approaches, standard behavioral therapy showed a 7-fold increase1. That means, on average, men were lasting seven times longer after the treatment. So, a man that could last one minute pre-treatment would have an average of seven minutes post-treatment.

However, it’s important to note that those results are an average. Some men will see less impressive results; others will see better ones. Those who won’t benefit much from behavioral therapy might need the help of some medication to profit from the program. If you don’t see any improvement, or if you’re stuck at one step of the program, you should contact the Between Us Clinic and ask them for help.

If all else fails, the Between Us Clinic offer a money-back guarantee for every man who doesn’t benefit from the program. So money-wise, it’s a risk-free purchase.

The PE Program vs. a sex therapist

A sex therapist can offer a more personalized experience. Also, most certified therapists use a method called cognitive-behavioral therapy. On top of including the standard behavioral therapy, the therapist will work with you on counterproductive, or potentially harmful thoughts, that could play a role in your rapid ejaculation.

The biggest con of sex therapy is its cost. While an online sex therapy program like the PE Program costs $67, a sex therapist charges around $100 to $125 an hour in the US. Usually, a therapy program for premature ejaculation can take between 7 and 12 hour-long sessions. So, in most cases, we are looking at a cost of a $1000 or more.

So, in the end, it’s a question of price. Although a sex therapist could do more than an online sex therapy program, I would still recommend trying the online option first. Even if this option doesn’t work, and you consult a therapist later, the fact that you’ve already tried some of the exercises will be beneficial to your sex therapy experience and might reduce the number of sessions you would need.

Between Us Clinic F.A.Q.

Why can’t I do the exercises on my own?

It’s entirely possible to perform the exercises on your own. However, too often I see men who told me that they’d tried exercises like the stop-start method on their own and that it didn’t work. Some of them don’t do the exercises correctly. Others did it two times in a month and abandoned the process because they didn’t see any substantial progress.

Commitment and perseverance are the keys to successful behavioral therapy. Not only the fact that you spent money on a program could help you commit, but the interactive aspect of the program lets you measure your success. The Between Us Clinic also sends follow-up emails to make sure you are progressing. These things help keep you motivated. More importantly, the fact that you can have email support from a certified therapist will assure you that you’re performing the exercises correctly. And if you get stuck on a step, the support will tell you what you should do to overcome the difficulty.

How long does it take to complete the program?

The program usually takes between four and twelve weeks to complete depending on your rate of progress. It would require 20 minutes of your time three days per week.

Can I follow the program if I’m single?

The program comes in two versions: one for single men and one for men in a relationship. If you’re single at the time you enroll, you can ask to switch to the couples version when you find a partner if you feel it’s necessary.

Does my partner have to participate?

If you are in a stable relationship, it will be more effective if your partner participates. It’s also an excellent opportunity to improve your couple sexual communication.

Still, if you don’t want to involve your partner, or if she doesn’t want to be involved, you can always follow the program for singles. However, communication and openness are essential skills for any couple who want to overcome a sexual dysfunction. That’s why I recommend talking to your partner about this program if you are in a relationship.

How much does the Between Us Clinic’s PE Program cost

The Between Us Clinic program for premature ejaculation costs $67. This price includes lifetime access to both the singles and couples program.

To sum things up

The PE Program is an excellent solution for men who are interested in behavioral therapy (i.e sex -therapy exercises) but are not interested in meeting a sex therapist. Although seeing a sex therapist does have its advantages, it is costly. Also, some men prefer to deal with this problem from the privacy of their own homes or live in a place where they don’t have access to in-person sessions with a certified sex therapist.

Since an online program like the Between Us Clinic’s program offers behavioral therapy for a low-price tag, it’s the perfect first treatment approach.


  1. De Carufel F, Trudel G (2006) Effects of a new functional-sexological treatment for premature ejaculation. J Sex Marital Ther 32(2):97–114