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Our Prolong Review Summary

Prolong is both a device and a training program developed by psychiatrists at InnovaDerma, a global health and life sciences company.

The device has been specially designed to treat premature ejaculation by Dr Andy Zamar, Medical Director and Founder of The London Psychiatry Centre.

Prolong FDA approved vibrator has a 3-volt motor embedded into a textured and curved silicon device. The vibrator comes with a training program and a bottle of lubricant. The program combines the stop-start masturbation technique with the use of a vibrator.

In short, you have to masturbate with the vibrating silicon device during a six-week program. Doing so will desensitize your penis and slow down your ejaculation response.

Two different studies1,2 have shown that Prolong can make you last longer in bed. By using the device along with the training program, most participants in both studies improved their ejaculation latency.

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What is Prolong?

Prolong is not your usual treatment for PE, nor is it your ordinary bedside toy – it’s a combination of both. Developed by leading psychiatrists at InnovaDerma, a global health, and life sciences company, the product consists of a vibrating device that is designed to be used on a six-week “climax control training program”. And by training, we mean masturbating.

Both the device and program have been clinically proven to help treat premature ejaculation in two independent studies. We elaborate more on these below. It’s also the first device and training program to receive FDA approval – a big tick from the world’s largest food and drug administration body.

How Does Prolong work?

Prolong Silicon Device Review

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The device works by simply placing it under the head of the penis and gently applying pressure as you masturbate. Through using the stop-start technique – the method of edging towards an ejaculation but withholding – the vibrating device works to reduce oversensitivity in the penis.

Prolong users are instructed to train for three sessions a week over the duration of the program. This can be done with a partner if you’re looking to shake things up, alternatively, it can be done solo.

Personally, I would advise doing the first sessions alone if you suffer from severe PE. As we explain on the Cum too Fast page, ejaculation can be triggered by two things: physical arousal (genital stimulation) or psychological arousal (how aroused you feel). By starting the program alone, you can isolate the physical aspect. When you’re familiarised with Prolong new sensations, you can then introduce your partner to your session and switch from a training mindset to a funnier vibe (pun intended!). 

Whatever approach you take, Prolong says you can expect to see gradual and lasting gains over the course of the program – both in the time taken for you to ejaculate, as well as your overall confidence.

Does Prolong really work?

Handheld Vibrator for PE Review

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Two different clinical studies back Prolong’s efficacy. In the first, the device showed an IELT increase of 11-fold in 61% of men1. An 11-fold increase means that a man who lasted 1 minute was shown to increase to 12 minutes. As noted, this increase occurred for the majority of the study’s participants.

The second study showed more modest results. Patients had a pre-treatment average of about 1.5 minutes (87.91 seconds). Six months after treatment, their average was over 3 minutes (201.78 sec.)2. It is important to note that the standard deviation of the results was high. In other words, Prolong can do wonders for some, while the impact can be less significant on others.

About Prolong Study

While the exact impact of Prolong varies across these two studies, they both support the claim that the device and program are shown to extend a man’s time to ejaculation. Since premature ejaculation has a lot of different causes, it’s normal to see variability in the results.

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It’s still important to note that the sample size of both studies is small. So, even if we can assume that Prolong does work, it would be helpful to see further large-scale studies.

Nonetheless, it’s worth emphasizing that if you buy Prolong from its official website, you have a 100% money-back guarantee. So, if the device doesn’t work for you, you can always ask to be reimbursed for your purchase.

Regular Stop-Start Method vs. Prolong

Although Prolong training is based on the stop-start method, the added effect of using the Prolong device is significant (according to one of the studies).

The first study that examined Prolong showed an 11-fold increase in 61% of subjects. This study compared the efficacy of Prolong to another group of patients that had a series of sex therapy sessions (cognitive-behavioral therapy). In the sex therapy group, the increase was 3-fold in only 40% of the subjects.

So, even if more studies would be needed to pose a conclusion, Prolong appears more effective than traditional masturbation exercises alone.

Is Prolong safe to use?

Prolong has met all the FDA safety requirements. The FDA has to approve every medical device that is sold in the US. It also comes with zero side-effects, which sets it apart from many other medications on the market.

How to Use Prolong?

You have to use Prolong three thirty-minute sessions a week for six continuous weeks.

Prolong comes in a box with a water-based lubricant. First, you need to apply lubricant on your frenulum, on your penis head (glans) and under the penis head at the top of your shaft. If you’re not circumcised, you should apply lubricant on your foreskin too.

When everything is well lubricated down there, you can take the vibrating device in your hand and cup it under your penis at the frenulum level. After that, you simply turn the device on and start masturbating as you would normally.

The vibrations should make you want to come quicker than usual. The stop-start technique works by edging yourself towards an ejaculation very gradually. So, as soon as you feel you’re going to come, pull back and wait until the urge has passed. Once you no longer feel the need to ejaculate, resume the stimulation.

Prolong users are advised to repeat this exercise three times before allowing themselves to ejaculate.

How Prolong Works

Image taken from the Smiling Dick explainer video.

My Experience with Prolong

Before I start, I just want to clarify some things. I’ve already followed cognitive-behavioral therapy for premature ejaculation (with limited success). Also, I’m currently on a low dosage of SSRI, so this might affect how I react to Prolong. More importantly, my personal experience with Prolong isn’t necessarily representative of what yours will be.

Still, I’m curious to know how much the vibrating aspect of the therapy could help to reduce oversensitivity and gradually build resistance.

Personally, I find that local numbing agents like lidocaine sprays work well on me. Even if I’m a big fan of products like Promescent, I must admit that it’s not always convenient to use. If Prolong does works for me, I won’t be nearly as reliant on my spray bottles given the product’s claimed lasting impact.

Week 1

The procedure is straightforward. Apply some lube, masturbate using the device, stop before you come. Repeat.

The vibrating sensation does make you come faster than normal. Prolong studies tell us that you should begin to see an improvement from the first week. So, I’ve timed all my sessions to know how much time it takes me to reach my point-of-no-return. Indeed, I saw a minor improvement over the course of the first week. As Prolong states, the changes are incremental.

Week 2

The first week was more about getting used to the vibrating feeling. Like a lot of other premature ejaculators, I’m fairly sensitive to genital stimulation. Even when it occurs in a non-arousing context, physical stimulation alone makes me reach my point-of-no-return quickly

This has reduced now that I’m taking an SSRI (a form of antidepressant). Still, during the first week of the program, even when I was doing a session with no erotic thoughts at all, I wouldn’t last too long.

The second week is where progress really kicked in. As I mentioned, I time every session. During my first three sessions, it took me around two to three minutes to reach a point close to my point-of-no-return. Now, I can last up to five or six minutes.

Again, during those sessions, I’m 100% focused on the physical sensations. I’m not allowing myself to have erotics thoughts. My goal is to see how long I can last with genital stimulation alone.

Now, I just want to stress that time shouldn’t be the final goal here. Of course, it’s encouraging to see measurable progress. And let’s be honest, if you’re doing this kind of therapy, it’s because you want to last longer.

However, there are three different components to PE: time, control and satisfaction. Our ultimate goal should always be satisfaction. How long you last is only relevant as long as it helps us to enjoy sex better. The same goes with control. I’m timing myself just because I want to give you the most reliable review of Prolong. Still, I think it’s important to not obsess over time.

That’s why I’m not timing myself when I’m with my partner. When I’m with the person I love, I want us to have a good time. I’m focusing on the experience, not on “performance” or any other stressing thoughts.

Speaking of sex with a partner, I can say that I did feel a bit more in control than usual during intercourse. However, I can’t say if it’s purely the effects of using Prolong at this stage.

Again, I don’t have a baseline for comparison. More importantly, control varies from time to time, and it depends on a lot of factors. I would need to do more “testing” to have a better idea.

Week 3

During the first two weeks, I was entirely focused on the physical aspect. As I mentioned, I did the exercises without any erotics thoughts. My goal was only to get used to Prolong’s genital stimulation.

Now that I’m comfortable with the vibrations, I used sessions during my third week of training to see how I would fare with psychological arousal on top.

As a reminder, two things can trigger the ejaculation: genital stimulation and arousal. In a Prolong training session, the genital stimulation is the vibration combined with the stroking movement of your masturbation. During intercourse, it’s your partner’s vagina tightening on your penis during sex. This genital stimulation is sometimes called “physical arousal.” It can be distinguished from “psychological arousal,” which is the feeling of being aroused by sexual thoughts or stimuli (the view of your partner, the sound of her moaning, etc.)

When you masturbate, it’s easy to isolate the physical arousal from the psychological one. You can masturbate without being aroused by erotic thoughts or stimuli. If you start to touch yourself while thinking about something non-erotic, like sport, you can eventually make yourself come. Of course, you would orgasm sooner if you were allowing yourself to think about sex instead of sport.

When you’re with your partner, it’s almost impossible to isolate the physical aspect. I don’t know for you, but when I’m making love to my partner, I’m aroused. No matter how much I try to think about sport, I’ll always come back to my partner’s view, touch, or sound. That’s why distraction techniques don’t work for PE. You have to learn to modulate both your physical and psychological arousal.

Prolong’s user manual doesn’t address the subject of psychological arousal. They mention that we can introduce our partner during our session, but that’s about it. Personally, I think it’s good to split both arousal types and concentrate on the physical side first. Some men are more sensitive to the physical aspect; others find the psychological arousal more problematic. If you want to overcome PE, it’s important to know where the problem is.

So, now that I was pleased with my reaction to Prolong’s physical stimulation, I finally allowed myself to fantasize. It didn’t impact how long I lasted. I was still in the five to seven minutes range before I needed to stop.

When you masturbate with erotic thoughts, you can always pause your visualization if you feel you’re reaching your point-of-no-return. Again, when you’re with your partner, it’s not as easy. Although you can ask your partner to stop the thing she’s doing if you find them too arousing, the goal is to be able to calm yourself with the least possible disruption.

So, for the last session, I tried the exercise with porn. Porn is the ultimate test that you can do alone. The way that porn videos are shot is like a tsunami of erotic stimuli.

To my surprise, I didn’t have any difficulties to last my usual five to seven minutes plateau in front of porn. In fact, when you feel overwhelmed by porn’s effect on your psychological arousal, you can be saved by the physical stimulation. During your training session, you can focus on Prolong’s vibrations on your sex to diminish porn’s effect. The fact that your mind focuses on your body sensations instead of the porn’s erotic stimuli will let the pressure off.

You can use this little trick when you are with your partner too. Of course, it’s easier to center your attention on Prolong’s constant vibration. Yet, with Prolong’s training, you can learn to focus on the physical aspect when you feel too psychologically aroused. So, during intercourse, if you find your partner too arousing, you’ll know how to concentrate on your body sensations instead of on the arousing stimuli.

Week 4

Now that I have completed 50% of the program, I thought it was time to ask my partner to join in. If you’re in a relationship, your partner can help you make the exercises more enjoyable in two different ways.

First, she can simply masturbate next to you when you’re doing your own session. Remember when we’ve talked about adding a psychological arousal layer on top of Prolong’s physical stimulation? Having your partner pleasuring herself next to you will add this psychological arousal complexity.

When I’m having sex with my partner, one of the things that arouse me the most is seeing and hearing her having pleasure. Hence, if I want to last longer during intercourse, I need to habituate myself to her pleasure while I’m genitally stimulated.

The second way to introduce your partner is to ask her to masturbate you with Prolong. The difficulty now resides in the fact that you don’t control the pacing. Of course, just like you should communicate during intercourse, you should also talk to her during the exercises. Alternating between slower and faster stroke is completely normal, and asking your partner to masturbate you (and vice versa) is a nice way for a couple to learn about each other sexual response.

With both variants of the exercise, it should take less time to reach the point where you have to stop. At least, it did for me. I’m about 2 minutes short of a regular solo session. This is mostly due to the psychological aspect, as Prolong’s physical stimulation is about the same as when I do it alone.

So, I know that for the rest of the program, my focus will be to habituate myself to prolong stimulation while I’m challenged by arousing stimuli.

Week 5

After five weeks of training, my progress (plateau). I can last between five and eight minutes before I have to pause for my first stop. The urge to ejaculate is also less present when I’m with my partner. Because we don’t time ourselves during intercourse, I can’t say exactly how long I last but I do feel more in control.

Before I started Prolong’s program, My partner’s vagina pressured my penis around the frenulum each time I penetrated her. For this reason, we preferred positions where my sex stays mostly inside the vagina. Woman-on-top positions are good for this.

One thing that satisfies me now that I’m at week five of Prolong’s program is that I don’t feel this pressure as much as I did before. We can now try other positions for an extended period of time.

Of course, I always have to manage my arousal. If I get too excited, I won’t last as long as I would like to. However, now that I feel less sensitive to genital stimulation, it’s easier for me to relax my arousal level. Since I don’t feel my penis pressured, I can focus on my breathing to calm me down if I feel the need to.

Week 6

Even if it could be tempting to skip the last week of the program, you should complete the final step if you want to maximize your chances of progress.

Personally, I didn’t see any improvement in the last two weeks. All my progress were made during the first four weeks. Still, it’s essential to keep the momentum going. By completing the final week of the program, you consolidate the progress you’ve done so far.

Overall I’m quite happy with Prolong’a result. I needed about two minutes of stimulation before I had to stop in the first week sessions. Now, I can go for seven minutes before the first stop.

So, with the three stop-starts, my 6 minutes of masturbation are now 21 minutes of stimulation.

Because I didn’t time myself during intercourse, I can’t say precisely how long I last now. However, I do feel more in control during sex. Overall, both my partner and I found sex more enjoyable during the last weeks.

It’s important to note that there is much variability in how long a man lasts during penetration. If I can go for several minutes sometimes, I still come rapidly at other times. Sometimes, I just feel too aroused. Occasionally, my partner or I are stressed, and it affects how long our rapport last.

This variability is normal, and there’s nothing Prolong can do about it. What’s important is that, on average, I’m happy with how long I last now. While Prong isn’t a magic bullet that will give you all the control that you want, it can help you to enjoy sex better.

I will still use a delay product like Promescent on occasion. However, I’m now more comfortable to go without a delay spray. Since we can’t always plan when we will have sex, and the spray application can interrupt the flow during foreplays, I’m happy that Prolong made me less dependent on sprays.

Where to Buy Prolong?

Although Prolong is licensed in 32 countries, including Canada, the UK, and most of Europe, it’s only available in the USA and Australia for now.

If you’re living in the USA or Australia, you can buy Prolong on its official website. Premature Ejaculation Help readers have a 15% discount with the use of this coupon code: PEhelp.

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Where to buy Prolong - USA Flag

Where to buy Prolong in the USA/Canada

The only place where you can get Prolong for now it’s via the official website.

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Where to buy Prolong in Australia

Prolong is also available in Australia via its official website

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Where to buy Prolong - Asia Africa Europe Canada

Where to buy Prolong in the Rest of the World

If you’re looking for Promescent in Europe, Canada, Africa, Asia or any other part of the world, you’ll have to wait. For now, Prolong is only available in the USA and Australia. It should be available in other countries soon.

This section will be updated when Prolong will enter a new country. Still, you can always check Prolong’s official website to check if Prolong is now available in an additional country.

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How much does Prolong cost?

Prolong cost $299.00 (USD). However, by entering PEhelp code during checkout, you can have a 15% discount. So, you can have it for $254.15.


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