Best Premature Ejaculation Products

Best Premature Ejaculation Products

Delay Cream and Spray can help you overcome PE

When we are talking about premature ejaculation products, the internet is full of available “solutions” with miraculous claims. Most of them do not have any data to back up their claim. Worst, some of them have been proven ineffective, so it can be hard to distinguish a legit product from fraud. This page lists the best premature ejaculation products type to help you identify the products that have a proven effect.

Delay Products

Hypersensitivity of the penis is one of the suspected cause of Premature Ejaculation1.  Local anesthetics is an effective way to counterbalance this hypersensitivity. By numbing the most sensitive parts of your penis, those products will delay ejaculation.

Desensitising products decrease the physical arousal so you can focus on your psychological arousal (more on this on the Cum Too Fast, Learn Why page). They are made with different active ingredients (benzocaine or lidocaine) and are available in various forms (condoms, sprays or cream/gel).

Delay Condoms

Premature Ejaculation Condoms

Some men experience a loss of sensitivity while using a regular condom. It’s unclear if this effect is only in their head since the use of a condom doesn’t seem to increase penetration duration2.

If you want to decrease your penis sensitivity with a condom, Delay Condoms will be way more useful. Delay Condom (sometimes called desensitizing condom or premature ejaculation condom) has it inside covered with an anesthetic solution. Made from a small % of benzocaine or lidocaine, the liquid inside the condom will lessen your penile sensations.

Pros of Delay Condoms

As a delay method, condoms have two majors pros that other delays methods (spray, cream or gel) don’t have. The first one is that, just like regular condoms, it protects you against STD and unwanted pregnancy. The second one is, if used correctly, the condom doesn’t have a chance to desensitize your partner by accident since there is a physical barrier between the anesthetic and your partner’s genital.

Of course, both of those pros can be replicated with sprays and cream/gel if you are using a condom on top of it. One last advantage is that if you are shy about using a delay product, delay condoms can easily pass for a regular condom. While the application of a spray or cream can be made discreetly (especially for sprays), you still have to hide to apply it if you don’t want your partner to know you’re using it.

Cons of Delay Condoms

Using a delay condom can also have cons. The first one is that you can’t wear the condom before you got an erection. Because it takes some time for the active ingredient to take effect, you have to make sure the foreplay is long enough for the substance to works. Still, this isn’t necessarily a con, since long foreplay could help you manage your arousal level while increasing your partner’s one.

The second one is the fact that most delay condoms anesthetic solution is less powerful than the one in sprays.

Finally, the third con is that it forces you to use a condom. If you’re in a longterm relationship and you prefer not to use a condom, or if you’re trying to have a child, delay condoms aren’t an option.

You can find a list of the best delay condoms and instruction on how to use them effectively on the premature ejaculation condoms page.

Delay Sprays

Premature Ejaculation Spray

Delay sprays are made from the same anesthetic that delay condoms solution. The solution, instead of being coated inside the condom, stays in a sprayable bottle. Thus, you’ll have to apply the liquid yourself on your penis.

Pros of Delay Sprays

One of the advantages of using a spray instead of a condom is the fact that you can apply it before you have an erection. If you are with a new partner, and you don’t want to address your premature ejaculation situation now, you can go to the toilet before things are about to get too hot. Spray bottles are relatively small and portable. Just keep in mind that each product’s effect wears off after a certain time, so you can’t do this hour in advance. Also, some sprays can have a strong smell. Even if it’s understandable why you would want to hide your condition with a new partner, we still invite you to share your thoughts about your PE it with your partner as soon as possible.

Another pro of sprays is the fact that is often available with a higher concentration of anesthetic. Where most delay condoms have a 5% concentration of benzocaine, we can find sprays that show concentration level of benzocaine or lidocaine up to 14%. Even if the condom offers a physical barrier, the higher concentration of the spray may be more efficient to delay ejaculation.

Of course, if you and your partner prefer to do it without a condom, spray offer this possibility. However, if the reason why you do not want to use a condom is that you are trying to have a kid, I would advise you to stop using any delay products. While there is no evidence that delay product could harm the chance to impregnate your partner (or to harm the future baby’s health), I would still be prudent and won’t use any delay products.

Cons of Delay Sprays

Finally, the most significant drawback of sprays is the chance of desensitizing your partner. The goal is to delay your orgasm, not your partner’s orgasm. You can find ways to avoid this, with a list of the best sprays, on the premature ejaculation sprays page.

The only other con of sprays s that it can be hard to apply evenly. While it’s easy to cover all your penis sensitive part with creams, due to their liquid form, sprays can be more challenging to spread to the right parts.

Delay Cream and Gel

Premature Ejaculation Spray

The cream and gel are also designed with the same active ingredients than sprays and condoms: lidocaine and benzocaine. The biggest difference is that it’s in a semi-solid form instead of a liquid one.

Pros of Delay Sprays and Gel

One of the main advantages of gel and cream is that it is easier to apply evenly. While it can be difficult to “aim” the spray exactly where you want, the application can be a challenge. With cream and gel, you simply put a small drop on your finger, and you dab it evenly on the sensitive part of your penis.

Cons of Delay Sprays and Gel

The most prominent disadvantage is substantially the same as the spray: the partner desensitizing risk. Also, there is the fact that there is less brand of cream/gel available than sprays.

For more information on how to apply delay cream and gel (with a list of the best available products), you can check the premature ejaculation cream page.


Which One Should I Choose?

Each product’s type has their pros and cons. You can find a table here that summarizes it. If you are not sure which one you should try, you can try all method and see which one is the best for you. Since those products are available in small and inexpensive formats, you can test different brands and different type. You will then see which one suit you the most.

Delay Products Pros & Cons for PE
Product TypeProsCons
Premature Ejaculation CondomsDelay Condoms
  • Offer a protection against STD and unwanted pregnancy
  • The physical barrier between your sex and your partner create an extra layer of desensitization
  • When used correctly, no chance to desensitize your partner’s genital
  • Can be used as a regular condom, so your partner doesn’t have to know you are using delay products
  • Forces the use of a condom
  • Can’t be applied before the erection
  • Active ingredient (anesthetic) is often less concentrated, thus reducing the delay effect
Premature Ejaculation SprayDelay Sprays
  • Can be applied before you get an erection
  • Can be applied quickly and discreetly, so your partner doesn’t have to know you are using delay products
  • Some sprays are available in higher concentration, increasing the delay effect
  • Chance of desensitizing your partner genital if there is not enough time between the application and the sexual contact
  • Harder to apply evenly on the glans surface
  • Some sprays can have an unpleasant smell
Premature Ejaculation SprayDelay Cream/Gel
  • Can be applied before you get an erection
  • Easier to spread evenly on the glans surface
  • Chance of desensitizing your partner genital if there is not enough time between the application and the sexual contact
  • Less choice

Training Unit

Another product that can be used to treat premature ejaculation is a training unit. A training unit is, in fact, a male sex toy. Sometimes called a masturbator, or a pocket pussy, this tool won’t be useful by itself, but it could be an essential part of a premature ejaculation training program.

Those programs are based on behavioral therapies. A training unit will help you to manage your arousal alone first before you do it in a sexual act with a partner.

Fleshlight, the biggest masturbator manufacturer developed a product called Stamina Training Unit especially for this purpose.

A vibrator to treat PE?

Another way to train yourself to last longer is with a special vibrator. Prolong is a vibrating handheld device specially designed for the treatment of premature ejaculation. You can learn more about it in our Prolong review.

Handheld Vibrator for PE Review

This device can help you treat your PE

Online Therapy

Although not a physical product, an online therapy is a product that can help you last longer. Personally, I recommend trying some form of therapy first before any other products. If you have the money, you can opt for sex therapy with a certified therapist. If money is an issue, there is an online sex therapy program for PE available.

Other “Premature Ejaculation Products”

Other products claim to be effective against Premature Ejaculation. Some of them show some potential while others simply do not works.

Natural supplement

Natural Supplements for Premature EjaculationYou will find a lot of natural supplements claiming that it can cure premature ejaculation. Although it would be nice to have a simple natural option to treat premature ejaculation, you should stay cautious when it comes to supplements. Most of the websites that sell natural supplement are only interested in your money, not your wellness. They will sell you overpriced sugar pills just to make some bucks on your problem.

That being said, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any natural supplement that can help with PE. However, when I take a look at the scientific studies about natural supplement effectiveness, I can’t find a lot of them. You can look at this page if you want to have a better picture of the supplements for premature ejaculation industry.


A cockring, or a constriction ring, is a ring that you put around your penis so the blood that flows to the penis during the erection can stay there. It’s useful for men whose penis veins do not tighten enough to maintain an erection. It doesn’t have any effect on premature ejaculation3. Since cockring could be dangerous when used for an extended period – and since it’s useless for premature ejaculation, you shouldn’t try it unless you have specific erection problems.


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